Vijay and Deeptha

Vijay and Deeptha got married in a soulful, close knit celebration at Bangalore, and it was beautiful! Introduced by mutual friends, they met and the rest is marital bliss. Set in a quaint place, the wedding gave us a warm feeling, and left a smile on our faces for a long time. The colourful wedding was a treat to the eyes, with gorgeous bridesmaids dressed in royal purple, and little kids running about, having the time of their lives. Deeptha however took the spotlight, dressed in a beautiful red saree, and her dimpled smile for company. Vijay looked happy and in love, in a traditional kurta and veshti and as you can see, these two – Couple goals. We truly believe they were made for each other! Here are the wedding images of Deeptha and Vijay, just for you!

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