Santhosh and Vilashini

One of THE biggest weddings happened and we were as breathless as you will probably be, after checking out the images. By transforming acres of barren land into a magical, otherworldly scene, this wedding was breath-taking Opulence. Santhosh and Vilashini’s wedding was a jaw dropping extravaganza. The ambience was bathed in a bevy of fragrant flowers, whimsical lighting and origami! This fairy tale wedding was turned into a raving party thanks to the performances by various talented singers, like the versatile Hariharan, the energetic Shankar Mahadevan and the drums maestro – Siva Mani! The rapport, the laughter and the vibe they shared with each other cleared showed how strong a couple they were. This wedding was what dreams are made up of, and we were glad we got to be a part of this dreamlike wedding, and capture their love story forever, for them!  Here are some of the images from Santhosh and Vilashini’s wedding for loads of inspiration.