Deepak and Saranya

Saranya and Deepak gave us celebration goals when it comes to Weddings! The pre-wedding celebrations were a treat, and the wedding was a cherry on a grand cake. The warmth we felt during the event was heartfelt, and the fun we witnessed made us want to jump in as well. They had a super fun celebration with a bevy of cousins, close friends and the star of the event, Rusty. From ‘In Trend’ frames, to lots of lights, placards, roses and colours, this wedding was super exciting to shoot. The wedding was a full-on Family-Affair with cute ‘Father-Daughter’ moments and the long line of cousins who simply loved posing for the camera. With the Wedding and the Reception at the Brindhavan Auditorium, the décor was a sight to behold thanks to the Rose Gold hue and a myriad of flowers. Here are some of our favourites from this beautiful wedding.